About Sin Palabras

Sin Palabras was created for those who seek an elegant, classy, non-tango looking, and yet comfortable to dance dress for a Saturday night milonga. As it often happens, the idea was born from the desire to stand out on the crowded dancefloor, the desire to catch envious glances, collect cabecéos, compliments, and questions about the dress from men and women alike.

Just like Sin Palabras itself—one of the most beautiful and powerful tangos ever written, timeless, old but so contemporary at same time—each of our creations will be carved in the memory of everyone who once observed it.

The dresses are created in capsule collections—always only 6 designs—which do not repeat themselves. Exceptionally simple silhouette type, each model breathes womanliness and seduction, with the back particularly open, always in the spotlight. Provocative slits and exquisitely decorated bare back give this daring yet very decent note that is often so missing for your milonga to be a complete success...

We are very grateful to those who helped make this project possible, including our ambassadors—beautiful and passionate tango professionals—Lucas Carrizo and Paula Tejeda, the brilliant photographer Anton Welt, and the talented make-up artist Natalia Chemezova. Their contribution to the launching of Sin Palabras is absolutely priceless and truly vital in making sure the Tango community meets our creations in the best form possible, so that every woman and every man in the tango world can appreciate the refinement and timeless elegance of our designs.

Please note that all six designs have been created for social tango dancing. If you are planning to use one of our dresses for shows with tango scenario elements, we recommend to do some alterations to the dress prior to that.